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Mr. B. Games and Terra Nova Games publishing partnership

Two projects planned with Mr. B Games in 2016

Aurora, Colorado – March 14, 2016. Today, Mr. B. Games announced that it is partnering with Terra Nova Games as its newest studio in the Mr. B Family.

Mr. B Games has signed a partnership agreement with Terra Nova Games to work together on Terra Nova future releases, sales, and distribution. The first project from this partnership is a design from Dan Manfredini called Far Space Foundry with a second project in development.

Sean Brown, president of Mr. B. Games had this to say - “I am very excited to be working with the folks at Terra Nova Games. Justin and Robert are great developers with an eye for some really great looking products. We have been living in the same city and attending local shows together for a few years now and it just made sense to focus our efforts together.”

Justin Schaffer, president of Terra Nova Games said - “Sean is an industry veteran who’s done an excellent job of bringing in talented studios together under his wing to release great games. It’s been exciting to see both our companies grow over the years and partnering with him was a very natural step forward for us. We’re thrilled to be joining the Mr. B family, and we’re excited that his experience will enable us to focus on publishing even more games.

About Mr. B. Games (
Mr. B. Games has been developing and publishes games since 2006. Their 2016 lineup includes: Posthuman, Helionox, Prospectus, WarQuest, Alien Uprising: Zothren Invasion and Madness at Midnight. The Mr. B. Games family is now made up of Mr. B. Games, Mighty Box Games, Zeroic Games, L4 Studios, Electric Games, Microtex Accessories and Terra Nova Games.

About Terra Nova Games (
Terra Nova Games has been publishing games since 2013. Their past releases include Guile and Ophir and 2016 will see the arrival of Far Space Foundry and a yet to be named card game

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