We are excited to announce that Boardgame Corner has it’s own set of awards now. This is a new program for us and we are excited to share it with you all. Big congrats to all the winners!

Our Cornerstone award is for games we feel are games you should absolutely own. Games that are the “cornerstone” of your collection. The type of games that keeps you coming back for more, every experience being unique in some way. Fun and easy to engage folks. Look for our top level reviews and Corner Play episodes for all Cornerstone games. 

Our Corner Certified award, is our award of excellence. This is for games, components, or accessories of exceptional quality and fun. And for those who are great supporters of the hobby.


Our current winners are

Cornerstone Collection:

  1. Element - Rather Dashing Games
  2. Zombicide Black Plague - Cool Mini or Not
  3. Vast: The Crystal Caverns - Leder Games
  4. Robinson Crusoe 2nd edition - Portal Games

Corner Certified:

  1. Inserts by Robert Searing - Insert Here
  2. XIA: Legends of a Drift System - Far Off Games
  3. Zombicide Black Plague - Cool Mini Or Not
  4. Star Trek Panic - Fireside Games and USAopoly
  5. CARDBOARD! with Rich Sommer
  6. Cry Havoc - Portal Games
  7. Adrenaline - Czech Games Edition


Contact us

Currently our award selection process happens several times through the year. However this may change in the future. If you have a game or accessory you would like to submit for consideration please visit our contact us form.